You NEVER have to go back to default again. Stay the way you are on the Playa. Bring the love back! I need it!

Lulie Arts in Fits and Starts

Every year there is a dark season after the thumpy-blinky-manic one —500 criticaltits2[1]

A time after all Burners have gone through their re-entry back into the default world.


They attended the Decompression parties,


…they ( hopefully) have cleaned and stored their camping gear and costumes — or at least closed the bins so the Playa dust will remain undisturbed for the next 11 months.

Speed Star 1.0496326  00

That quiet season is now. November through April.


It is a lean half a year for folks who’s main source of income and support can be dependent on the festival community.


Around Memorial Day the smaller festivals start to re-activate the folks desire for gear and costuming.

Then the fat Summer season explodes like a cannon, with far too many orders to fill before the fateful last week of August.

Xanadu rain dance

Then silence again, and the cycle repeats.

Sleep well, cozy faux-fur covered Burners– until the first, faint…

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