Silverlinks volunteers learn to Keep Calm and Pass it On

Keep Calm and Pass it on, but pull out three strands of hair on their head when they’re not looking just to make them crazy! Why? Because I don’t have the arms to do it myself!


Vicki Jones, the Silverlinks Training and Information Development Coordinator, visited West of England Care and Repair (WE Care and Repair) in Bristol to run a training session with six willing Silverlinks volunteers – or “Slinkies” as they are known in Bristol!

keep calm and pass it onThe purpose of the session is to train volunteers to be able to deliver ‘Pass It On – Later Life Housing and Care Options’ workshops to groups of older people.  ‘Pass It On’ is one of the workshops developed by Silverlinks and is an introduction to housing and care options in later life.   The idea behind ‘Pass It On’ is that people who attend go away with more knowledge of the subject as well as knowing where to go for more information and advice.  They are also encouraged to pass the information on to other people they know, thereby reaching a wider group of people.

A fun icebreaker! A fun icebreaker!

The session aimed to…

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