The Art Of Burning Man 2014— From Praying Mantis to LOVE

Rise up in your passion and art.

Wandering through Time and Place

Giant praying mantis at Burning Man 2014. Photo by Curtis Mekemson. This giant praying mantis was one of many art works featured at Burning Man 2014.

The praying mantis appeared out of a dust storm with wings flapping. He was one big guy. Think humongous. Think scary. Peggy and I had to go check him out. It was art— and art is our primary reason for attending Burning Man.

When you arrive at Burning Man, the greeters give you a map that shows where most of the art is. The 2014 art map showed 233 installations scattered across the Playa and throughout  Black Rock City. Since weather had delayed us by two days, there was no way we could see it all. So we decided to go “random.” We would wander around and check out whatever caught our attention. Following are a few examples.

Bird with wings lowered and raised by pedals. Photo by Curtis Mekemson. Much of Burning Man art is interactive. This bird immediately attracted Peggy. She climbed up the ramp…

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