Volunteer Needed: Women’s Program Manager

Look here. You want to help? Here’s some nice kids looking for help!


We are looking for a lead manager to start in January or February 2015 and commit 6 – 8 months with LLI. APPLY NOW! Must be available for the time commitment stated and MUST speak an advanced level of Spanish. Low Cost Program Fees (this provides you a place to sleep, work and eat!) are required for this position and discounts are given to those willing to commit 8 months!

DSCN3241Responsibilities would include:

  • Lead coordination of weekly educational workshops with our women’s group concerning health issues, human rights, trade skills, etc.
  • Networking and maintaining/creating contacts for the program
  • Teaching Spanish Literacy
  • Teach at least two sections of Computer Literacy
  • Development of Computer Literacy Curriculum (materials and guidance provided)
  • Track impact and program development
  • Oversee the Artisan Program (this is great for candidates who have an art and/or design background!)
  • Organizing an educational field trip for the group (one per session)

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