via Ferguson grand jury decision in Michael Brown shooting: Live updates – Yahoo News.

It looks like war while the President is talking – and he’s acting as if all is well.  Is he unaware of the feed to his left?

This is so sad.  It’s sad for your country and this president and especially for the parents of Michael Brown.  And yes, you good people have to hold strong to your character and your loving strong hearts. It’s time to demand that officers be trained in restraint, in target shooting, in empathy training and in psychological training – to help them deal with people without having the only option they are currently trained for – to kill.

Ferguson Crowd flips a car, trial, president Obama speech, riots, Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.17.22 PM

Ferguson, riots, police fire, verdict, racial tensions
The President has no idea what’s happening to his left of the screen as he calls for peace.

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