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DEAR PEOPLE- Instead of asking GOD to bless the hungry and the poor – Why don’t you go out and feed them? There’s plenty enough amongst all of you. Work it out already. Get it together. God gave you everything. Everything you need to do the right thing. Now go get busy and do it already. The blessings’ on your head now.

It’s a big spoonful to take, but there are people around each and everyone of you right now that could use a hand up.  The next time you go out with your friends to have a few drinks and talk your shop and yack about things so mundane you can’t even remember what the heck you were talking about – why not focus your banter on creatively coming up with solutions for a better world, and a better you and a better everyone for that matter?  Sharing is caring!

I know that the generosity gene is weak in a lot of you humans, but it is there nonetheless!  Squeeze hard and it’ll pop right out like a teenage zit.  You can do it.

And if you wanna know the secret to real happiness … I won’t tell you until you go out and help three people and come back here and share what you did.  And it better be good!

Alright, people.  It’s that time of the month again for me so don’t disappoint me.  I’m feel like I’m having a hot flash … I am having a hot flash.  You people are jettisoning me into pre-menopause!

Very bad idea.

via (6) Jill Gatsby.


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