via Could Marijuana Be the Answer to Fighting This Deadly Disease?.

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a recent abstract published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease that suggests marijuana could hold a key to unlocking measurable benefits for Alzheimer’s patients.
Source: Flickr user Donireewalker.
The study itself looked at the possible therapeutic effects of cannabinoid THC on amyloid-beta protein precursor cells. Beta-amyloid leads to the development of plaque, which is what sticks to the brain of Alzheimer’s patients and causes progressive cognitive decline.
The results as outlined in the abstract show that at the six-hour, 24-hour, and 48-hour time marks THC lowered beta-amyloid levels “at extremely low concentrations in a dose-dependent manner” with no toxicity noted and no upregulation of the CB1 receptor. The study also specifically noted that THC interacted directly with beta-amyloid to disrupt aggregation of the protein, which could be of key importance to slowing the progression of the disease.

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