via ▶ The Awful Truth – African American Wallet Exchange – YouTube.

Black People!  Michael is right!  These cops are hallucinating!  They’re all loaded on racism and it doesn’t wear off easily. So please get a day glow orange wallet for your own safety!  And while you’re at it just remember anything in your hand could be mistaken for a gun!  So Michael has a brilliant idea!  Let’s paint anything ORANGE that’s ever been mistaken for a gun by the police.

Here’s the list:

A Phone

A Spattula

A Wallet

A Snicker’s Bar

An Almond Joy

A Cup Of Coffee

A Lighter

A Stick of Gum

A toothbrush (didn’t you know those Oral Bs are hazardous to your health?)

A  ….

Oh F it.  Just walk around with your hands up and a fake bullet wound shot through your the center of your head.  There you go!  Now you should be SAFE!

I love you!  I’m here for you!  You’re my first humans and the best I ever made.  I knew it was a mistake when I made those white people – but I didn’t think they’d take chess so friction’ seriously!


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