What a toss-up!  But since Bill doest want the job I say let’s give it to Liz.  She’s certainly not a bad choice.

In fact, what a nice choice!  In fact, don’t be a bunch of morons!

Get behind this human with integrity and let’s get busy making you humans even better!

Okay – I must say though that if Bernie Sanders, James Franco, Rob Lowe or Bill Gates ever decide they want to run I am all in for them!

Sharon Stone?  Are you out there?  Wanna be President?

I must say I can’t see how anyone could say “NO” to you about anything, you sexy, hot little sandwich of a human.

I could eat you up myself! And by the way you penis mongers … Sharon is smarter than all those guys up there rolled into one.

Her IQ off the charts and she’s got a heart.  What?  Can it be?

So for President 2015 – who’s it gonna be?

Elizabeth Warren

Earth Speaks Out - Elizabeth Warren













Bill Gates

bill gates







Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone For President?

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders for President!
Bernie Sanders!














Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe for President!
Rob Lowe For President!






James Franco – Here’s a guy who could run the country!

Him and Seth Rogen are two of the smartest guys on the planet.

And they stripped little Kim Jong Un straight naked down to his little butt hole  in The Interview.

It was pure genius as always. I say let’s vote these two into power!

James Franco For President!
James Franco For President!















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Moveon.org may be ready for Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren to throw her hat in the 2016 presidential race — whether she likes it or not.

Members of the liberal advocacy group will cast votes Tuesday and Wednesday for a campaign to throw the organization’s full support behind Warren, who has been championed on the left as a fierce advocate for the middle and working class.

The organization is ready to invest at least $1 million in a campaign for Warren, with plans to open and staff offices in key caucus states including Iowa and New Hampshire, galvanize volunteers, and recruit small-dollar donors.

Moveon.org has rallied behind Warren since her 2012 race for Senate. At the time, the group recruited both volunteers and donors, who were encouraged by her stance on student loan debt and social security benefits.

“MoveOn’s 8 million members are the volunteers, activists, and supporters who make up…

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