Evolution of a Coneflower – Monochrome Madness

When someone as talented as Laura Macky comes along, you have so share her with the world and scream out, “Look at this! It’s amazing!”

Laura Macky Photography

“Tangled Coneflower” is the last in the series of 2014 coneflower images stemming from one colorful image I took this past summer.   I thought it fitting to include this most current iteration as my submission for MMC Week 41 and then a gallery of the past coneflower images to show how the coneflower evolved over time.  The gallery shows past coneflower images from the most current to the oldest…the oldest being the original color image.

Tangled Coneflower Tangled Coneflower

For the entire gallery, please check Leanne Cole’s blog later today.

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