The Senate torture report released this week could lead to war crimes charges against George W. Bush and other architects of the torture program after the lawyer for one brutalized Guantanamo Bay detainee has raised the idea of pressing charges.

Mustafa Hawsawi, who is one of five defendants in the 9/11 case, was named in the report after allegedly suffering “rectal exams were carried out with ‘excessive force.’”

via Senate Torture Report: George W. Bush Could Face War Crimes Charges From Detainee Who Suffered Brutal Rectal Exams.

George Bush, Earth speaks out, Jill Gatsby
Finally! Justice! Take off the blinders and look and see what this guy turned the word FREEDOM into. Anal Rectal Exams? Really?
Dude! And this is the anti-gay guy? Wow. What else lurks in his closet?

That’s right.  George and all his cohorts with their insane tactics that have done nothing but cause grief and turmoil all over me.

Thank you Barrack Obama for have the courage to out this entire administration and your own!

America has been run by monsters and a lot of them are still in control.  You people elected them!

What will the government do when black and white and brown and blue and green and orange and tattooed and nude all walk hand in hand to the white house and demand reform?

Anyone up for the challenge?



Okay. You don’t have to hold hands nude.  Just saying’.


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