What can I say about this, people? This sort of violence is spreading across me like a wildfire these days. But there is a way to stop it and just like the people marching all over America for police reform, America can now really evaluate itself and how its tactics in interrogation, police training and military training has only begat more violence and less peace. If you want peace you will have to learn how to communicate and how to be fair. You will have to figure out a way to reprogram people like Sydney here who finally believed that violence was his only answer. Start teaching the world an alternative and watch what happens. Oh, that means you people have to come up with alternatives. Start brainstorming because this disease of terror is not going away until you treat it.


More than a year before the Sydney hostage siege, Man Haron Monis was arrested for accessory to the murder of his ex-wife — who was repeatedly stabbed and set on fire — and then released on bail.

“They should have put him away and thrown away the key,” said Ayyut Khalik, godfather to the slain woman, Noleen Hayson Pal.

Khalik said Pal, 31, was like one of his own children. He traveled from California to Australia for her 16th birthday, for her wedding to Monis in 2005 and for her funeral…

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