Here’s the story  –  Second graders stage Ferguson protest during recess as local cop accuses the school of being ‘anti-police’ | Daily Mail Online.

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Officer George Borden says he found out about the protest after a friend noticed his seven-year-old daughter among the protesters. He has accused the school of being ‘anti-police’

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Borden told WHDH that the note was ‘horrific to me’ and that his daughter asked him, ‘Daddy, do you shoot people?’  He is demanding an apology from his daughter’s teacher.

Now here is what Earth has to say about all this:

So, Borden, you really don’t think your police department and the training tactics need reform?  

Are you sincerely happy with the way things are in your department?  What do you think about the Aiyana Stanley – Jones case only a few months ago? She was 7 years old and murdered by a cop in a police raid – while she was sleeping.  

This is out of control.  This is what we are fighting for. To stop these monsters from anymore.  This is despicable.
This is out of control. This is what we are fighting for. To stop these monsters from anymore. This is despicable.

 Borden, this could have been your own daughter.  The same age.  But you think the school owes YOU and the police department an apology?  I think you and the police departments across America should be ashamed of yourselves for not being the FIRST ones to step up and DEMAND police reform in the midst of these multiple disasters that have been taking place one after another all over the United States.

Police are only trained to KILL.  If you are proud of this you need to get some therapy and some help.  Your daughter asked you a question – “Do you kill people for a living?” and you are upset at someone else about this?  The truth is that as of now that is exactly what you have been trained to do, Borden.  

The police tactics and training procedures are out of date and they are dangerous.  They are barbaric and primitive.  Police with integrity should be standing together and STRIKING until the government allots a budget to properly train you guys to perform arrests without killing or intensely harming your suspects.  

I am also confused as to why you would want mentally ill and trigger happy cops on your force.

Cops that are out there beating to death and shooting to death innocent civilians all over America.  

And by the way this includes black, white, Mexican, Asian, and Muslims.  

Did you know a person is more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist in the United States?  And you still want an apology?

I’ll give you an apology then: I am sorry that you ever became a cop and that anyone ever gave you a badge because you obviously don’t stand behind protect and serve.  Instead it seems that the logo for cops is “Shoot To Kill.”

People, keep protesting!  Don’t back down.  

Change is happening so don’t back down until a civilized and pro-human training program is set up for Police Departments all across the country.  

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