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For such a politically right charged station I have to say it’s interesting to see them bringing this story to the front headlines.  

It just so happens that it’s the Political Right creating the most pollution all over me. Holy handstands!  Can it be true?  

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Big Corporations run by American Republicans are to blame for a great portion of the nasty waste and so forth all over me.  Yes, India and China are leading number one, but who’s their number one client?  Morons. Yes and you all know these overseas factories are run and owned by American Corporations setting up shop over there to avoid paying taxes.  Nice guys.  You greedy you.

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So again, you people who voted for the Republican Party for whatever demented reasons you may have, you need to see through the Republican Party’s promise of “The Dream” where you too one day will live like the 1% percent.  

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You have more of a chance winning the lottery. And even if you acquire money and lots of it – it won’t buy back your health, your children’s health and the health of every one else you care about.  

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You can be a billionaire and still watch your children suffer.  

Re-Think your choices and actions in government.

Re-Think Earth.

This experience for me is eternal.  For you it is but the blink of an eye.


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The latest statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Now a new study from the Harvard School of Public Health finds women exposed to high levels of fine particulate air pollution during pregnancy face up to twice the risk of having a child with autism.

The study focused specifically on fine particulate air pollution, made of components like acids, chemicals, metals, and soil or dust particles smaller than 2.5 microns (PM2.5).

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the size of particles is directly linked to their potential for causing health problems because of the ability to pass through the throat and nose and enter the lungs.

Results showed the greater the exposure to the pollution, the greater the risk of autism, researchers said, with the highest risk occurring during the third trimester of pregnancy. This is the first national study exploring the link between airborne particulate matter and autism.

via Exposure to air pollution during pregnancy may double autism risk, study says | Fox News.


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