Leslie, you are a brave and lucky man!  This is the first step in total evolution.  If you people can transform yourselves into total robots before you completely destroy the air quality all over me you could go on to live through computers and then you wouldn’t even have to worry about eating or drinking or …. well … what exactly do robots live on?  But I must say this is certainly one giant step for mankind and I happen to think it’s pretty cool. I just love it when you humans go out and create nice things to make everyone feel better.  This is much more impressive than manufacturing weapons.  Thanks once again, science guys.  

Earth Speaks Out for The Real Bionic Man
This is awesome!

This summer, 40 years after losing both of his arms in a freak electrical accident, Colorado resident Leslie Baugh got two new bionic limbs. And after just 10 days of training, he began using them to move objects from shelf to shelf, controlling them with only his thoughts.

via Double Amputee Becomes First to Control Two Robotic Arms with Only His Mind.


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