via Physicists Tackle Our Favorite Science Fictional Debate.

Time, time, time.  All I have is time.  And you humans come and go in the blink of an eye, but what a mess you leave behind!  Really now.  Time may be relative, but your pollution isn’t.  It’s time to clean up your act and stop worrying about time.  You’re running out of it!  So what are you going to do about it?  I say Clean Up Your Act Already! Get busy this year in 2015 and do something to make me better and make you better. Go hug a tree! Hug your neighbor! Hug a stranger!  And for chicken’s sake, don’t try to hug a cop because they might mistake your arms for guns and shoot you!  Now, stop punching the clock and start smelling my flowers. What’s a matter with you people already? Stop complaining all over me. And by the way, time is on my side. 

This debate comes up every time a human watches a time travel movie: Is the timeline fixed, or is it constantly changing depending on what we do? Turns out that this is also an argument among physicists, some of whom believe the passage of time is illusion — while others view it as very real, and changing all the time.

time travel, earth speaks out
Talk about killing time!

The scientists aren’t debating time travel exactly, though it does come up. Instead, some are arguing that all events in time exist simultaneously, and we humans with our sad little linear, biological lives simply have an illusion that we are moving forward through events that are always already happening. Other physicists believe that time is, in fact, unfolding in real time — which means that we are changing the future all the time. Maybe physical laws themselves are even changing.


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