Help! How can it be so difficult to create a place where everyone can talk about solutions?  

But let me tell you, I’m going out of mind over here! 

Earth Speaks Out Earth's Pesonal Dummy creates a forum!  So who's got a solution, people!  Let's step up and get this party going!
Have you ever tried putting together a FORUM? What a harangue! I created an entire forum on but no one can see it but me, Earth’s personal Dummy! A lot of good that does! Well it looks like it’s earth and I going up against the bad guys! Niagara Falls help us all!
Earth Speaks Out!
Somebody help already!  Share something!  Post something! Love your mother! 
Help this maniac, earth’s personal dummy get something accomplished here on your mother!

I tried to set up a MUUT FORUM but they are completely defective with zero customer support!  All you can see on their forum is this … 

The Forum That Cut Off Earth’s HEAD! 

Earth's personal dummy kavetches about the forum's inadequacies.
Tell these imbiciles to fix their forums or stop having them. What’s the point of having a forum that only shows the top of earth’s head and allows for no posts, not to mention it doesn’t display any of the posts that are already there! Well, I never!

Actually, I did.  I posted a lot of things – You just can’t see them!  Oh the horror of it all!

Earth's personal dummy squeezes her face for solutions!  Earth

Now in the meantime I am going to commence my journey searching for a forum that is actually going to run and work so every idiot savant on the planet can come together and create a brilliant society of radical forgiveness, radical self reliance and radical unconditional love for Earth, all living creatures, and of course, ME! 


Tell me something good!

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