There are things that are happening all over me that are atrocious.

So, I can’t get anyone to comment or get into a conversation about how to make me better, people but on Facebook there were over 20 comments and diatribes about the Je Suis Nigeria #Anyone? Hashtag.  Well – here’s what earth has to say about it ….

Paris, Terrorism,Nigeria Massacre, Paris massacre, Sydney Massacre
It’s time to talk about the truth about what’s going on all over me!

You people are born on me, you live on me, you die on me and you complain and argue and fight and kill relentlessly all over me! And it’s ALWAYS in the name of some human’s religion or because some human got offended.


Black Moon Rising! You get pissed off over a frickin’ hashtag. Are you kidding? Really? Let me give you a little perspective here if I may. I am the one who made you! I am the air you breathe, morons! I am the life that flows through you! Without me there is no you – you can try to destroy me – but in the end – no human race and still I will be here. Now with that being said – I think I’ve been pretty patient.

Featured Image -- 919

You humans are crapping all over me about 12 Billion times a day, okay! You crap on me and you pollute the hell out of me and if I’m not swallowing you up perhaps you people should get a clue and stop swallowing up each other. What do you say? Now when something on ME goes wrong and starts to grow out of control – I simply absorb it and transform it into something else.

Earth Speaks Out
Human Turd Transformed into beautiful creek! See?

This is a simple technique in world peace, people. You see with everything I do I put love in the middle.

Upper Lyman Lake, Glacier Peak Wilderness

That’s why there are so many beautiful things all over me – miraculous works of GOD most of you say – because you just can’t keep it simple and give the credit where it’s due!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 2.53.57 PM

I am your maker, people! Now EVERYONE needs to stand TOGETHER – you don’t say “Well, more people got massacred over here so forget about these guys” or “Hey, those guys are in such deep poo poo there’s no saving them so let’s just save our own buttocks.”

earth speaks out and about her favorite cartoon on the net!
#1 Cartoon of the DAY!

CALLING All the humans who have at least 1/3 of their brains working correctly need to join together and absorb and re-educate violent hate filled souls whose only real consistent state of being in life is FEAR. This FEAR must be transformed into love – and not love of some god, or spirit or high power – but a love for yourself and EVERYTHING living on me.

Jill Gatsby - The Faces of God - Earth Speaks Out
Jill Gatsby – The Faces of God – Earth Speaks Out

You think this is HARD to do? Maybe it is, but if you don’t want another holocaust on me, then it might be worth the GREAT effort. Human Up People. This is not the time for petty resentments and arguements – this is the time to put LOVE in the middle!



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