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So YAHOO has a story today about mascara and I just had to share my 2 cents in this.

Earth Speaks Out

So what’s so sexy to you girls about living with mites on your lashes?  Really?  You don’t know?

Read this then and get a real taste of the price of beauty as you call it … I prefer my humans au naturale!

Eyelash Mites: Causes, Treatments and Precautions


What it Is?

The eyelash mite or the Demodex folliculitis is a parasite found in the follicles of our faces, mainly, in the nose, cheeks and most especially the eyelash area. Eyelash mites are usually harmless and most people live their day to day lives without being bothered by the fact that a worm like parasite is currently feeding off his or her oils. Anyone can have it although babies are born with absolutely no parasites on them, Healthy Body Daily has found that older people are more prone to having eyelash mites because their immune system is weaker allowing an easy entry for bacteria and according to recent estimates over eighty percent of Americans have parasites.These parasites usually are positioned face down into the hair follicle and they feed off waste material and build up from our faces.


Generally these little critters will not do anybody any harm. Some scientists have even concluded that there is somewhat of a symbiotic relationship between eyelash mites and human beings. They claim that eyelash mites remove dirt and oil from our follicles and in turn we let them live on our faces.

Even when the number of eyelash mites is found to be too high but the patient is not suffering from any side effect, doctors tend to leave it alone.

However, in cases where the number of demodex are too high (this phenomenon is called demodicosis), and it is coupled with your eyelash area becoming irritated, infected and inflamed, it is mportant to have a doctor check this out immediately.

It was also found that although usually more than one eyelash mite is found in a single follicle, too many of them would cause the eyelashes to fall out.

What are the Causes?

Although everyone has eyelash mites and they are just part of how our beautiful ecosystem works, demodicosis, is not part of this natural process. Demodicosis is the name for the phenomenon where there are too many eyelash mates on the face causing it to become infected and particularly in the eyelash area, the eyelashes fall out.

Demodicosis is usually present in people who secrete too much all or even in women who put on loads of makeup every night. What worsens this situation is when you fail to wash your face before going to sleep at night. According to Dr. Oz (of The Oprah Show fame), 50% of Americans have eyelash mites as a result of sleeping in eye makeup.

It is always important to maintain proper hygiene and to always remember to wash your face before dozing off. Eye makeup can be a source of bacteria. Mascara specifically is known to be a possible breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Always remember to wash your makeup brushes and to use clean mascara wands in order to avoid the overpopulation of eyelash mites in the eyelash area.

Treatment for Eyelash Mites

When it is already too late for precautionary measures and you are now infested with eyelash mites, it is always important to keep your eyelash area clean. Here are some tips to help you get rid of eyelash mites.

  • Use a no tear baby soap to wash your face twice a day
  • You can also use tea tree products such as shampoos and facial washes
  • Also, apply a couple of drops of tea tree oil to the lashes
  • Avoid using makeup for at least two weeks
  • When it’s time to use makeup again, buy new ones. Your previous makeup kit could have been exacerbating your situation
  • Have your spouse checked for demodicosis
  • Also have your animals checked. Dogs can also be vulnerable to eyelash mites
  • Buy new clean sheets and pillows

The reason that it is important to buy new makeup, sheets and pillows is so that you can avoid a situation where you are re-infecting yourself with eyelash mites left on your old makeup brushes and on your old sheets.


As was previously mentioned, paying close attention to your hygiene is essential. Always remember to wash your face before going to bed. Throw away old mascara and eye makeup. Having pets (especially those that sleep with you in bed) checked for eyelash mites can also save you from demodicosis.

Eyelash mites and human beings have a sort of give and take relationship. Eyelash mites actually remove harmful dirt and oils from our faces. The only downside is when due to poor hygiene, your face becomes somewhat of a feast of dirt and oils for these eyelash mites. This could lead to a situation where too many eyelash mites are eating off a single follicle. Not only will this infect your eyes but it can cause a serious loss of eyelashes. Always remember to keep your face free of any dirt before hitting the sack.

Now if these combined articles don’t gross you out for the day just wait until you see what I have for you next week!

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