via EU seeks Muslim anti-terror help after Paris attacks – 

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When countries ask for help, that help usually comes in the form of weapons being delivered to more un-evolved humans who are usually religious fanatics – who are employed to go take out someone who is behaving worse than they are at the moment.  

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Then when these hired and encouraged assassins kill the “Bad Guys” these same “heroes” then take the same weapons and go on a course to terminate anyone who doesn’t think the way THEY do – and of course to suppress, torture, and bully all women.  Now one bully becomes replaced by another and the blood thirsty road becomes almost unstoppable – 

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Now is the time to seriously evaluate LIFE on EARTH – (that’s ME) and how to take out bullies, monsters and haters in a more humane and efficient way. Giving weapons to primitive people whose entire belief system is based on separation and hate and extremism is just a very bad thing to do – come on, now!  You people know this already.  It’s time to stop playing the INSANITY CARD = trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  

EU asks for help against Terrorism - But what kind of help?

Brussels (AFP) – EU foreign ministers called Monday for an alliance with Muslim countries to fight the growing Islamist militant threat as anger over the Charlie Hebdo cartoons fed fresh protests and violence.

Foreign policy head Federica Mogherini met Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi to urge better cooperation in the wake of last week’s deadly Paris attacks and anti-terrorism raids in Belgium.

On the other side of a widening divide, hundreds of thousands of people rallied in Russia’s Chechnya while dozens of churches were torched in Niger during protests over the publication of the Prophet Mohammed caricatures.


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