Earth on cover of PEOPLE Magazine.  PEOPLE MAGAZINE EARTH
I’m on the cover of PEOPLE MAGAZINE, people! And Boy do I have a lot to say! First off – SEX SECRETS … Turns Out I’m getting screwed by everyone! And now my son, Mars is going into Rehab. Seems he’s been getting so addicted to all the attention from you earth morons that now he’s trying to make it look like there’s life on him.
Well, with a couple of “PA Meetings” (Planet Anonymous) he should be able to come to the understanding that he’s 1. Powerless over his mother and that his atmosphere has become unmanageable.
2. Comes to believe that his Mutha can restore him to sanity ….
He may be able to continue spinning as usual, but right now he’s in complete denial – not to mention that he thinks the power greater than himself happens to be the Sun!
Well, as his mother and yours – I have never been so insulted in all my existence.

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