Brilliant idea with the soap! Yeah, humans! Don’t be a dope! Use a BAR of soap! And BTW if you value your life stop drinking ANYTHING sold in #plasticbottles and start putting all your #bottledwater into empty twist off wine bottles!
Have fun and put your own Fancy WATER Label on a wine bottle! And then you can #recycle the same #bottle a million times! It’s #GLASS, baby.
And now here’s a link for you to hear #SCIENCE say why Plastic and Bottled Water are terrible additions to your diet!

A Journey to an Earthier-Minded Home

The plastic used for liquid soaps is one of my greatest miseries. I have gone through them about one every three weeks, each time adding more waste to the world. How can we avoid it? Is there really any other way? Well, yes, there is.

hand soaps

It is funny that it never came into my head that one could use bar soap to wash one’s hands. It has fairly gone out of fashion in the United States.  However, it is clearly the way to produce the least waste to wash one’s hands since bar soap can be purchased wrapped only in a small sheet of paper. Of course, one cannot be an extreme germophobe to travel this route. If the dirt and germ leftovers visible in the soap are too yucky for you, there is still another way!

shredded soap

Since I have been traveling this journey of reduction of our household waste…

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