via Rush hour in the skies: Real time map that shows you every plane in the air right now | Daily Mail Online.

And Jupiter is off complaining about chem-trails!  Look at this! I mean for real?  When is too much, too much, humans?  I mean my sky looks like the 405 Freeway at rush hour for crying out loud!  I just want to know how Felix Baumgartner landed with out hitting one of these suckers!

AIR TRAFFIC OUT OF CONTROL!  Really? 5000 planes in the sky over the USA as we speak?
Really? 5000 planes in the sky over the USA as we speak?

At any given moment there are an estimated 5,000 commercial airplanes in the skies over me all across the United States. If you go to Flightradar24 you can track flights on me all around the world, whether commercial airliners, private jets or military aircraft.

The website’s flight map is updated every couple of seconds. Using the map you can track a specific flight, mark out its route, the airport from which it departed and where it is supposed to land. You can even see its altitude and speed.

And all of this is neat and wonderful except for the fact that every single one of those planes is farting out toxic fumes all over ME!

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