This weeks picks at the box office!


He’s reviewing the movies and pray he doesn’t give your film the ole’ dark side! It’s bad enough to get a bad review, but when #MrMoon doesn’t like you it’s like getting sucked into his black hole. Uhhh…. did someone say “Black Hole?” Heeee … huuuuu …. I’m so immature!

DISCLAIMER: Mrs. Mother, #YourMutha and Planet Earth deny any association with Mr Moon and his opinions.  In fact, we believe he’s just a moody little man with an inferiority complex trying to get attention. Just because he doesn’t like a movie doesn’t mean #YourMutha doesn’t like it.  And just because #MrMoon says it’s good …. well .. just look at his taste in movies, people!  “Nightcrawler?”

Really now?  I mean like a thriller as much as the next one, but why can’t James Cameron just come out with Avatar II already?  It’s just killing me!


2 thoughts on “MR. MOON MOVIE REVIEWS! He’s out of control!

    1. Well, I guess it’s a mixed review, you know? Now there was a baby where MR MOON is now. And the baby was puking up pea soup. Perhaps they’re both just having the same reaction. Or secretly he thinks it sucks. I can’t speak for #MrMoon. I’m Earth’s personal dummy!


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