Why does hospice have to be so depressing?

FeaturedWhy does hospice have to be so depressing?

I know we’re all dying.  I know.  I know.  But why do these places have to be so damn depressing and lacking in creativity?

How about adding some amazing landscape murals and a little creative lighting to transform death into something beautiful instead of this bleak STERILE environment that would depress even Mary Poppins?

I know I’d pay to die somewhere beautiful, serene and exceptional than some nursing home with 4 walls.  How about you?

Here’s the DAY ROOM – to create an outdoor feeling –


And this is an idea for a Night ROOM  … and if you’re going to put a flat screen in the room – why not include the BBC PLANETS collection along with 100’s of the videos revealing the most beautiful things in the universe.  I mean if this is it – why not at least let these patients be surrounded by as much beauty as possible … I mean these days it can be right into their room – but who is doing this?  Anyone? Anyone?

luxury hospice

This is a recipe for a gentle departure with a relaxed and warm feeling that unites the patient back to their very beginning.

Why doesn’t someone create a business plan for these kinds of care facilities?

Hospice that matters.

Hospice with real guides to take you into the next realm- The way you want it.

Hospice with radical beauty,  radical creativity … Videos walls revealing fantastic Photography and EARTH Art from all over the world.

How about Hospice with brilliant music and exposure to the most beautiful images in all history?

This story below is what inspired me to think of this.  I sure hope there are people out there doing something like this.  If you know of anyone, please post it here.  I’d love to update this story with good news!

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