MR. MOON MOVIE REVIEWS! He’s out of control!

FeaturedMR. MOON MOVIE REVIEWS!  He’s out of control!

This weeks picks at the box office!


He’s reviewing the movies and pray he doesn’t give your film the ole’ dark side! It’s bad enough to get a bad review, but when #MrMoon doesn’t like you it’s like getting sucked into his black hole. Uhhh…. did someone say “Black Hole?” Heeee … huuuuu …. I’m so immature!

DISCLAIMER: Mrs. Mother, #YourMutha and Planet Earth deny any association with Mr Moon and his opinions.  In fact, we believe he’s just a moody little man with an inferiority complex trying to get attention. Just because he doesn’t like a movie doesn’t mean #YourMutha doesn’t like it.  And just because #MrMoon says it’s good …. well .. just look at his taste in movies, people!  “Nightcrawler?”

Really now?  I mean like a thriller as much as the next one, but why can’t James Cameron just come out with Avatar II already?  It’s just killing me!