Earth Speaks Out!

Earth Speaks Out!


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Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.03.49 PM.png Hey! What about us Broccolli?


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 1.12.26 PMYOU WERE MADE BY HUMANS, YO FOE!





My friend Chad Glass shared a video with me on life after death which inspired me to write this post and discuss Life and Death and how people see their “Gods”.

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My friend Erik Rettner – had the meningitis encephalitis virus literally destroy 90 percent of his brain when he was only 38 years old.

Doctors in America and across the world gave him a two week life expectancy and that was 7 years ago.  There was and still is no cure and zero survival rate for this rare disease and yet Erik is still here, walking, talking, opinionated as ever and still garnished from head to to in Gucci.

Erik was paralyzed from the neck down and his entire memory was completely erased. Erik was 38 years old.

While going in and out of over 2 dozen medically induced comas, he saw Jesus and had a conversations with him. It’s why he came back.

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This also happened to my 1st ex-husband, Martin Barter. (Earth’s Dummy has 2 ex-husbands and counting!)

There goes Marti!

Marti fell off a cliff and sustained severe frontal lobal damage. While in the throws of life and death, Marti, also raised in the Christian religion reports he saw Angels.

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Now folks, if you go to India – You will hear Buddhists and Hindus who have had life and death experiences – say they have seen “Their” gods come to them in light and in fury! No, not in the form of Jesus and no “White” Angels. Sorry to disappoint the bulk of the south.

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In the middle East – there are stories of Muslims having life/death experiences as well – but they also do not see Jesus or White Angels – they come back from the door of death claiming to have seen GOD himself –

the faces of god – Here is GOD HIMSELf – Turns out he’s a she! 

If they see Mohammad – they have to lie – because it’s forbidden to look into his face.

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(Another MAN-MADE insanity move)

This video shows how a Palestinian Kid’s MIND used images of FEAR and GUILT to reconnect him back to his body – He will believe that hell fire is real for the rest of his life, however is it real? Or did his own brain use this information against him to bring him back to life in his darkest hour?  What if YOUR BRAIN is GOD?

Now in Israel, New York, Paris and Los Angeles  – even in the valley … I have Jewish friends who have had life and death experiences. They report seeing GOD himself and the Big Bang.

Go to this link to read this story:

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When the body starts to go – the mind creates a hologram to relax the body, to medicate its pain, to abolish its fear and to prepare the consciousness for a final transition. If the brain’s program computes any chance of life – it will fight for that life and this is how:

People who have never heard of Jesus don’t have a life/death experience with him because he’s not in their brain’s data base of archetypes.  What they report seeing are entities they have been raised to fear or worship, or a deceased family member guiding them to go back from the “light”. Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.26.52 AM

The MIND – like a computer, chooses memories in the brain that have the strongest physical connections.

When a person is unconscious and in a life or death state such as a coma the mind is still struggling to survive and it will  search for archetypes that have had great influence on them (heroes, gods, parents, and friends).

The mind knows which of these archetypes in your mind are living and deceased and the mind will always choose the hologram program of the deceased because as it’s been shown – people take the “dead’ a hell of a lot more serious than they do the living. The brain will use any fear tactic it can radiate in the conscious to keep the body here.

Again, this is just like blood clotting on your knee to stop a nasty scrape.  The mind is simply attempting to reconnect the brain back to the body and save itself.
How the mind reconnects the brain and the body to create after life experiences.

To do this it will create angels, god, Jesus, your long lost granny and even the devil and holy hell fire if need be.

This attempt on the mind’s part to reconnect the body back to life is nothing out of the norm for the mind.  It does this the moment we are created and it continues faithfully keeping us alive in this manner until the day we say

Goodbye, adieu, au revoir, See ya later alligator, off to the races, don't cry at my funeral. Have cake instead!

So, yes, if you follow Jesus – you just might get to see Jesus in a vision. If you follow Buddha – you may get to have a chat with big fellow. If you follow nothing – most likely you’ll see a dead friend or family member telling you to go back.  If you’ve been a prick all your life – you may see something that scares you straight out of your coma and back into your skin.

Is it GOD?  How could it not be? All religions say the same thing –FEW religious humans like this part very much ….

GOD IS LITERALLY EVERYTHING  – You, me, the rock over there and the poop you took this morning.

God is the whole enchilada and there’s no holding the sour creme, people.

The miracle here in all this is that GOD is everywhere and GOD is EVERYTHING.

The Faces Of God
The Faces Of God Art Series

So what is God’s religion?  GOD doesn’t have a frickin’ religion, people!  Wake up and smell the urine. It stinks and so do ALL religions – It’s a stupid way for people to separate themselves from each other instead of uniting.

Religion has all been created and manufactured by MEN – I repeat MEN (not women – they’ve just been following these imbeciles around and taking orders from them like servants for thousands of years.

earth speaks out on oppression
Oppression and why women eat this crap for dinner. It’s worse than fast food! Demand Prime Rib! Stop being a bunch of pansies.

So let’s just say for one second that “GOD” is everything and that you and I are God having a spiritual experience, a physical experience and a mental experience.

EARTH is one of the oldest forms in this universe of GOD in the physical

How about if turns out that it’s EARTH that is our messiah?

Earth Speaks Out Episode #1 OCT 15 2014

Earth has created us out of GOD – Earth has evolved us, she has nurtured us and and what if it’s Earth who is our direct connection to everything?  What else dies a billion times a minute so that we humans can thrive here?

One only needs to look into the majestic magnificence of the universe to see the living souls there – the millions of visual stories exploding with the beauty, love and being-ness that is everything.

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And I hope this gets you chatting! Now I am signing off!

Jill Gatsby ~ Earth’s Personal Dummy.

Earth's Personal Dummy, Jill Gatsby
Earth’s Personal Dummy, Jill Gatsby

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