About Earth Speaks Out

Earth talks, clean up the planet, earth speaks out!
Time to start a conversation, people!

Jill Gatsby just landed the job of her lifetime as Earth’s personal dummy!

She’s got the exclusive interview with Earth who is actually speaking out after sitting in the dark for over 4 and half billion years.

Now who would sit in the dark for that long without complaining?  She has to be an old Jewish lady!

And now that she’s opened her mouth and started kavetching there’s going to be no stopping her.

So clean up your act already and get involved!  Come to http://www.earthspeaksout.com and get the latest news, insults and SOLUTIONS!

And if you really want to make a difference in your lifetime then go to the EARTH FORUM and post your solutions for a better human race and planet.

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Earth’s dummy, Jill Gatsby is doing her best to post solutions for a better me and a better you, but she needs your help! So click on me and POST YOUR SOLUTION at http://www.earthspeaksout.com because Earth knows WE need them!




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