Monarch Butterflies – Pacific Grove, California

Monarch Butterflies – Pacific Grove, California


Laura Macky Photography

While we were down in Pacific Grove, we stopped by the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary where thousands of butterflies migrate to this location for the fall and part of winter.   It was difficult to see the clusters because they were behind tree trunks and branches and didn’t make for good photos, but docents had spotting scopes so we could look through and see them more closely.   It really was amazing to see them in those clusters.  You can read more about this here:  Monarch Butterflies of Pacific Grove.

It was a challenging environment to shoot in considering dramatic lighting differences between shade and sunlight and not to mention that the butterflies were mostly flying all over the place.   I’ve never seen so many butterflies flying everywhere!  I did my best to capture some shots.  Most are cropped and maybe they aren’t the best but I thought I’d…

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We Talked to Our Kids About Souls

We Talked to Our Kids About Souls

Well! This human has a brain that seems to FULLY work! This is an anomaly, folks! Rarely happens. Now go back and read this article at least three more times and clue up! Love is in the air and beautiful Butterfly Mind over here just read my mind! I am very proud of you! Now go post this on and share the love because “I” know I NEED it!

Butterfly Mind

Swinging Bridge at Babcock State Park, West Virginia, autumn on Swinging Bridge at Babcock State Park, West Virginia

“Hey Mom, are trees living things or living beings?”

Our nine year old son looked into the forest then up at me as we hiked side by side along a gurgling brook. His dad and sister walked a few steps ahead of us. Upstream was the Glade Creek Grist Mill in West Virginia, a rustic wooden building with a pitched roof. Today its wet planks were framed by yellowing autumn trees.

“I guess that depends on what you mean by living being,” I said. “I think of a being as — ” I tried to think of words that would be familiar to him. I failed. “As a sentient being — something that has a soul.” The path was littered in gold, red, and toast brown leaves, and I kicked at a drift with my leather hiking shoe.

“Personally, I think of trees…

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Evolution of a Coneflower – Monochrome Madness

When someone as talented as Laura Macky comes along, you have so share her with the world and scream out, “Look at this! It’s amazing!”

Laura Macky Photography

“Tangled Coneflower” is the last in the series of 2014 coneflower images stemming from one colorful image I took this past summer.   I thought it fitting to include this most current iteration as my submission for MMC Week 41 and then a gallery of the past coneflower images to show how the coneflower evolved over time.  The gallery shows past coneflower images from the most current to the oldest…the oldest being the original color image.

Tangled Coneflower Tangled Coneflower

For the entire gallery, please check Leanne Cole’s blog later today.

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Magical Burning Man Festival Images

You’re like a bunch of Whos playing all over me! I get tickled every time!

Xpresso Fix

There is nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world. A place where imagination and creative freedom reign supreme. Where you can let your inhibitions go and express yourself in however manner tickles your fancy.

Artists abound at the Burning Man, but one that caught our eye is the oddly colour blind Parisian photographer  Victor Habchy. Using his Sony Alpha camera he has managed to capture the very magical essence of Burning Man. Enjoy…..!

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