Welcome to Burning Man’s Temple… A Spiritual Place

This is the most sacred place on me thanks to Larry Harvey and his friends.

Wandering through Time and Place

Early morning photo of the Temple of Grace at Burning Man 2014. Photo by Curtis Mekemson. Outlined by early morning sunlight, the 2014 Temple of Grace (designed by David Best) adds an element of tranquility and spirituality to Burning Man.

Black Rock City does an annual census that is chock-full of interesting information, including the spiritual beliefs of Burners. I was going to write about the overall census results today, but decided to wait for the final 2014 data. That means this will be my last post for the season on Burning Man.

Census form being filled out at Burning Man 2014. Photo by Curtis Mekemson. Burning Man takes its annual census seriously. Here a Burner fills out his form while his friend checks out the entertainment at the Center Camp Cafe.

It seems appropriate that I conclude with the Temple. I consider it to be Burning Man’s most unique structure. And yes, this includes the Man. The Temple is a spiritual place. Thousands of Burners leave messages to friends and loved ones who have passed on, including pets…

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